About us

Company under the name Limoplast d.o.o. was founded in 1998, and it developed from a self-contained metalworking workshop with many years of experience dating back to 1974. The company was founded by Mr. Šemun Pezerović and is located in Gradačac.

We are a leading company for sheet metal work and production and assembly of steel structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since its inception in 1998, we have been successfully operating on the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, and recently we are increasingly focusing on exports to the countries of the European Union.

Owing to the professionalism and long experience of our professional staff and modern technology, Limoplast performs the most complex production and assembly works for the construction of objects of various purposes. From production halls, warehouses, cold stores, shopping centers, gas stations, sports halls and agricultural facilities to business and residential buildings, all of our facilities are characterized by exceptional quality and functionality. In order to provide top quality service to our customers, we have introduced our quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, and in the construction of our systems we implement the systems of technical standards of welding ISO 3834-2, DIN 18800-7 and BAS normative.

In addition to the production and assembly of steel structures, our main business program includes installation of roofs and façades and production of PVC and AL windows and doors of top quality, and technological equipment and welded steel constructions for construction and other specialist industries – machine industry, aluminum industry, concrete plants, agriculture and fruit growing, etc., and we also offer our clients the design services for constructions and the construction of a hall on a turnkey basis.

The chosen strategy ensured success with the constant development and growth of the company. Currently we employ about 80 highly skilled workers in several different or related professions from the range of our jobs from the initial few workers and craftsmen.

We meet the needs and wishes of our clients at any time satisfying their requirements. We work fast, professionally and top quality, and the long-lasting successful cooperation with the same investors on various projects presents us with special success and satisfaction. Our goal is to be recognizable on the market and we strive to monitor the constant development and progress of technology, which we regularly confirm with new services and expand our product offerings.

Limoplast d.o.o. today it has a large production capacity thanks to modern equipment and production facilities located in the Industrial zone of Gradacac, on an area of ​​over 5100 m2 of enclosed space.