GlassWin – Architecture of the Future


In the patented KBE GlassWin system, the glass and wing are joined over the silicone adhesive. This “Structural Glazing” technique is known to architects in the design of facades, but has so far been limited to the use of metal structures, especially aluminum. Also, in the car industry, the use of glazing of glass panels with the body as “structural gluing” has been considerably extended.

For the first time, GlassWin system makes it possible to use the advantages of this construction principle for PVC elements. Thus, the static advantage of the demanding “Structural Glazing” – the construction and profile with the advantages of thermal insulation of the PVC window is combined.

The principle is to put the adhesive on the profile of the window wings with an insulating glass plate. By means of static effective adhesion, a substantial part of the load is transferred to a stable glass plate. This allows the production of elements with measures, which so far were only possible for PVC profiles with significantly larger dimensions and corresponding metal reinforcement.

Patented Structural-Glazing Solution.
Paste glass with a wing.
Especially thin wings, therefore it is possible to have more light in the rooms.
70mm and 58mm depth of installation.
Improved statics.
Improved thermal insulation because there is no metal reinforcement in the lid.
A new design due to a hidden wing profile.
Contemporary colors and exclusive decorations with wood.
Attractive accents due to the masking of the edge of the glass with different colors or tape.