InnoSafe – If you want to be completely safe.

“My home is my castle”.

It’s not just a saying. The more it is characterized by the feeling of life, which we associate with our apartment, with our house. This security should not be gambled with. Today, the danger of becoming a victim of a break-in is much higher than 30 years ago. That’s why individual security solutions are needed, and the best door systems are from TROCAL.

The burglaries usually break where there is least resistance. This means that they target the weakness of the facade. And these are in the first line of the door, as well as balconies and doors on the terraces of houses and apartments. You can confront it. Police surveys clearly show that with a good security technique, attempts to break through can be successfully frustrated. Act preventively – with InnoSafe door systems from TROCAL.

Security in every detail. Door systems from TROCAL.

TROCAL has developed PVC profiles that meet all the requirements of first-class door systems. With a patented welded corner coupling, they are particularly robust and are characterized by enormous stability on the flow of air through the object.. Combined with the appropriate hinges and door fenders, the highest levels of safety are possible.

In addition to security, TROCAL also offers attractive optics. Many design and color variants offer for every taste an optimal solution and meet your individual requirements. Also, as far as functionality is concerned, you do not have to compromise. TROCAL door systems can be locked outside or inside. Even extreme adverse circumstances can not do anything to you. In addition TROCAL offers a complete range of accessories, which also allows persons with disabilities comfortable living.