TROCAL 88+ Alu Fusion – Best of windows!




TROCAL AluFusion is the perfect solution for all objects that require perfect optics and stability of aluminum profiles. The excellent thermal insulation of classic PVC window systems and perfect sound insulation, which aluminum itself can not offer, is now gaining a new meaning, by merging two of the newest TROCAL systems – AluFusion and the new 88+ into a separate TROCAL 88+ AluFusion system.

All the advanced features of the AluFusion system are now connected to the thermally impeccable TROCAL 88+. The patented AluFusion family gets its youngest, but the largest member. Extremely economical. In production, in use and energy consumption – TROCAL 88+ AluFusion, deep in the future.





A unique, patented combination of Aluminum and PVC.

Installation depth 88 mm.

6-chamber profiles.

Without internal molding glazing, for easier maintenance and more safety.

More comfort due to unattainable Uw values,

less danger of condensation and higher surface temperatures. [Uf = up to 0.79 W / m2K]

Specific sound insulation solutions [Rw possible up to 47 dB]

Wings can be up to 2.70 m high.

Quality safety from burglary [system without internal molding glazing].