TROCAL 88+ – Measurement of all things!




The optimum depth of installation of 88mm for windows profiles of PVC primarily means: break into new dimensions of construction. It is decorated according to the requirements of modern architects oriented towards design, aesthetically oriented construction and the needs of the future, in which high quality technical efficiency is expected from the window.

TROCAL 88+ is a measure of all things for high demands, and it possesses superiority, which can hardly be surpassed even at high installation depths.


Responsibility to the environment and the need for an economic relationship with energy. These are two fundamental requirements and current aspects to which TROCAL 88+ provides an adequate response. With significantly improved thermal insulation with less energy consumption – and greenline.

Under the termline greenline, TROCAL has replaced lead as a stabilizer with calcium-zinc, which is not harmful to the environment – as a role model in the industry.





Six-chamber technique, which can not be found only in profiles, but at all levels of functionality. The chambers have such dimensions to provide optimum thermal insulation.

More comfort due to better Uw value, less risk of condensation and higher surface temperatures.

High-quality thermal insulation system.

Three levels of breathing in all areas (wing groove and blind stalk) provide protection against splashes and winds.

An innovative sealing groove allows for additional thermal insulation.

Better sound insulation than with a 70mm system.

Large spectrum of glazing (24-46 / 54mm), stronger glass, as well as special glass for sound insulation and safety (three-layer glazing).

High-quality protection against burglary by securing the keychain.



Comparison of Uf values

TROCAL InnoNova 70 mm

Side Seal, with a reinforcement of 1.3 W / (m2 K)

TROCAL InnoNova 70 mm

Middle seal, with reinforcement 1,2 W / (m2 K)

TROCAL 88+ with a reinforcement of 1.1 W / (m2 K)

TROCAL 88+ without reinforcement 1.0 W / (m2 K)

TROCAL 88+ without reinforcement

with insulating inserts 0.8 W / (m2 K)